October 5, 2023

Hello all!  I know we are in the midst of conference fun and sketching out those next seasons while opening up our current ones, but I just wanted to share the sheet with you to start sketching out what next year looks like.

The newest addition is the drop down under the new column “Status.” This was thought to help let people know if you were just looking at a show or if you had actually booked the show. The drop down options are “Interested” “Offer Submitted” and “Booked”.

If anyone needs support in using the sheet I would be happy to help. I will go in and sort and clean up the sheet every Monday morning to put like shows together so when you all check back in you can see who has interest in the same artists and can coordinate together. 

Thank you!  Here’s the LINK TO THE NEW SHEET

Chris Aucoin-Melohn
Dr. Rodney R. Lafon Performing Arts Center
St. Charles Parish Public Schools