Southwest Performing Arts Presenters (SWPAP) is a consortium of presenting organizations in Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas.  Member organizations range from very small presenting groups in local communities to university and municipal presenters mounting full seasons of events including traditional and modern music, dance, theater, musical theater, opera, family presentations, children's events, mime and Broadway shows.


Our Goal

We provide assistance to member organizations.  To accomplish this, we share experiences, learn from one another, create a network for booking events and arrange educational workshops which are open to all member organizations.



SWPAP meetings, and the lively discussions that go on through the organization's listserv, provide members with an opportunity to ask questions, seek advice and share experience and expertise with colleagues.  There are member organizations of all sizes and histories, and it is a hallmark of SWPAP that members are willing and eager to assist their fellow presenters and share information.


When We Meet

SWPAP meets three times a year:

  • January at the Association of Performing Arts Presenters booking conference in New York
  • May/June at our annual educational workshop hosted by a SWPAP member
  • September at the Arts Midwest Conference


Our Governing Board

The governing board of ten members is elected by the membership, plus one ex-officio representative from Mid-America Arts Alliance.  A chair, vice-chair, a treasurer and a secretary are elected from the governing committee.  All actions proposed by the governing board are brought to the membership for a vote.  Currently serving on the governing board are:

  • Executive Committee Chair:  Carolyn Franks, The Whatley Center for the Performing Arts / Mt. Pleasant, TX
  • Vice-Chair:  Cissy Segall Davis, Miller Outdoor Theatre / Houston, TX
  • Treasurer:  Nicole Cotton-Leachman, University of Arkansas Faulkner Performing Arts Center / Fayetteville, AR
  • Secretary:  Jennifer Allen, Angelina Arts Alliance / Lufkin, TX
  • Immediate Past-Chair:  Maureen Patton, The Grand 1894 Opera House / Galveston, TX
  • At Large Members:
    • Jenifer Hill, Strand Theatre / Shreveport, LA
    • Amanda Horton, University of Central Arkansas / Conway, AR
    • Leah Dill Blackard, Corsicana Palace Theatre / Corsicana, TX
    • Lynae Sanford, Lutcher Theater / Orange, TX
    • Vorin Dornin, The Clarion at Brazosport College / Lake Jackson, TX


Membership Criteria

All members must be not-for-profit or tax-exempt organizations and have the following responsibilities and privileges:

Active members

A. Must be a presenting organization.  (A presenting organization is defined as an organization that contracts, markets and accepts financial risk for an arts presentation that is not self-produced.)
B. Must have at least one authorized person with decision-making power able to commit to a booking.
C. Must have an active, professional presenting program.
D. Must abide by Association of Performing Arts Presenters (APAP) Code of Conduct for presenting organizations.
E. Must be actively involved in the corporation.
F. Must pay annual dues as determined by the Governing Committee.
G. Shall be entitled to one vote on all matters brought before the membership. Only active members are entitled to vote.


Cost of Membership

Membership dues are based on the amount of artist fees paid annually by the organization.  The membership dues cover one year of membership.  The SWPAP fiscal year is January - December.

$150,000 and Over -- $200 Dues
$50,000 to $149,999 -- $100 Dues
$49,999 and Below -- $75 Dues


Sign Me Up

You can join (or renew your membership) using SWPAP's online membership information form found HERE.